PGDM - Finance Specialization

A specialization in finance offers insight into how financial markets function. Today, a management graduate with a finance specialization learns a variety of subjects like corporate finance, costing, budgeting, international finance, working capital management, investments and securities etc. Beyond this, we at isttm train our students on application of technologies like oracle financials in the area of financial decision making.

With increased financial liberalization a wide array and wide variety of jobs are available for students with specialization in finance. He/she can be working in the corporate finance function of a major manufacturing organization looking after management of funds for that corporate, working out working capital limits of the corporate and dealing with banks and other financial lending institutions etc

Finance specialization has an option of working with leading banks or with leading non banking finance companies or leading finance companies other than banks. He also has options of working as a securities analyst or working with brokerage firms and dealing in buying and selling securities. Operations in the security market or the stock market are the biggest industry in India. With increased opening up of the Indian financial market and increased international money pouring into the Indian stocks the option available for finance specialization student are endless. Same is true of a person dealing in foreign currency transaction either in bank of in a manufacturing company.

Key skills
  • Numeric ability
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Report making
  • Analytical skills
  • Logical reasoning ability
  • Application of technologies to function area
Job Opportunities
  • Security analyst
  • Subject matter expert
  • Financial analyst
  • Investment advisor
  • Research associate
  • Banker
  • Financial operations specialist
ISTTM Advantage
  • Training focus more on application of relevant skills in various job roles
  • Faculty from Industry
  • Certifications and assessment from industry partners
  • Stimulated work shops and case study based learning
  • The only college training students on application of latest technologies used in the function area
  • Regular guest lectures from industry experts
  • Career counseling by experts to assess the student capability and suitability to the concerned specialization.
  • Ability to use and learn skills required at work place before placements through research projects and paid internship program during the course.
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