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Salient Features & Awards of ISTTM (International School of Telecom & Technology Management) - ESCI

  • Unique training on application of technology for effective management strategy, marketing, Finance and HR. A unique approach. 
  • Training and Certifications from industry partners (ZTE, BSNL, ESCI, Huawei, SalesForce, Brio Factors, INSOFE, SANCTUS IT, VGROWSOFT, iB HUBs ) on core skills required to excel at work place.
  • ISTTM Received Global Excellence Award 2017 for Top Leading Business School in India.
  • "Best Business School in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states-2015" winner from 2nd National Andhra Pradesh Education Summit & Awards.
  • "Super Quality Crown Award-2015" winner from AIESAC (All India Economy Survey Award Council).
  • Industry interfaced and cutting edge curriculum
  • Emphasis on soft skills and communication training
  • Well qualified & professional faculty with rich industrial experience
  • Intensive industry internship Programs  
ISTTM Business School

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Placements 2016-18 Batch Read More

S Poojitha
S Poojitha
S Poojitha
S Poojitha
Adersh Ashok
V Tharun Reddy
ISTTM Placements 2016-18 Batch
ISTTM Placements 2016-18 Batch
ISTTM Placements 2016-18 Batch
ISTTM Placements 2016-18 Batch
ISTTM Placements 2016-18 Batch
ISTTM Placements 2016-18 Batch
ISTTM Placements 2016-18 Batch
ISTTM Placements 2016-18 Batch
ISTTM Placements 2016-18 Batch
ISTTM Placements 2016-18 Batch
ISTTM Placements 2016-18 Batch
ISTTM Placements 2016-18 Batch
ISTTM Placements 2016-18 Batch
ISTTM Placements 2016-18 Batch
ISTTM Placements 2016-18 Batch

Internship 2017-19 Batch Read More

Adurthi Sai Bhargavi Company: IDBI FEDERAL
Akumalla Nagoor Khasim Vali Company: IDBI FEDERAL
Ambati Aditya Andreas Reddy Company: KARVY
Ambati Chinnapu Reddy Company: KARVY
Ananth Neena Einstein Company: ADITYA BIRLA CAPITAL
Asha Gharthi Company: IDBI FEDERAL
Avirneni Sri Mounika Company: PURPLE TALK
B Shanthi Priya Company: Royoung
Bejugam Sai Priya Company: ADITYA BIRLA CAPITAL
Bommidi Yoshitha Company: ADITYA BIRLA CAPITAL
Booragadda Laxmi Joshmitha Company: ADITYA BIRLA CAPITAL
Boyeni Swathi Company: ADITYA BIRLA CAPITAL
Chellu Srinivasa Rao Company: IDBI FEDERAL
Chinclliya Kiran Company: KARVY
Chinnapa Joel Anthony Company: IDBI FEDERAL
Chityal Nameera Fathima Company: ADITYA BIRLA CAPITAL
Dasari Sairam Company: IDBI FEDERAL
Duddela Oohitha Company: ADITYA BIRLA CAPITAL
Gade Sai Sunil Company: ADITYA BIRLA CAPITAL
Gandreddy Anushreddy Company: IDBI FEDERAL
Gudla Sushmasri Company: ADITYA BIRLA CAPITAL
Guduru Deepika Sai Company: PURPLE TALK
Gummadidhala Purnachandararao Company: IDBI FEDERAL
Gundami Sainanditha Company: ADITYA BIRLA CAPITAL

    2 years Full-time MBA / PGDM - Specializations

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource (HR)
  • Telecom & IT Management*
  • Business Analytics
  • Digital Business Management*
  • Infrastructure Management

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Our Student Testimonials

  • G Vinay Reddy

    Great to be part of ISTTM family. It was like a learning home for each and every one of us. Its faculty, campus, Industry specific curriculum & frequent guest lectures by the Industry Experts played a vital role in making us understand the Business world better.

    G Vinay Reddy, Inside Sales - Cigniti Technologies
  • Satyam Naidu

    "First of all, I thank my ISTTM family for providing me an excellent platform to move into the Corporate Industry as a management graduate. The infrastructure, real time industrial experience, Faculty, guest lectures from subject experts helped me in knowing and understanding the business world better and frame my carrier in the right path."

    Satyam Naidu, Sales & Distribution - Uninor
  • G Bhargavi

    "The practical approach of ISTTM helped me a lot in getting a better understanding of the professional business world. Discussions and case studies were the perfect tool for a clear understanding in this matter. I learned a great deal of new things during my studies at ISTTM.”

    G Bhargavi, Business Analyst - Reliance
  • Sruthi Reddy

    An extra ordinary college life, well supported by activities par excellence that helped me groom for my professional life. One thing I must say - I Dreamt it, ISTTM built it.

    Sruthi Reddy, Inside Sales - Cigniti Technologies
  • Devi Srinivas

    Having graduated from ISTTM, I learned how to interact within a highly diversified environment of international peers. The classes were aimed at enhancing my practical skills, which has been an excellent introduction to my Product Management position that I hold for the moment at ISTTM.

    Devi Srinivas, Business Analyst - Purpletalk

Our International Student Testimonials

  • Mosess Obinna

    "Studying in ISTTM has been a great experience. One of the most intriguing factors is the international component. In the States, students aren't forced to view issues on a global scale. At ISTTM, with students from all over the world, I am able to indulge many different perspectives. Thanks.”

    Mosess Obinna, Nigeria
  • Sana

    I applied for an assistant manager position after completion of my course, I showed the course curriculum of ISTTM to the prospective employer, and I got the job on the spot! This course has helped me to attain to a position, that for me, was apparently difficult to accomplish for my age.

    Sana, Tunesia
  • Dalia

    The course has taught me valuable skills which I have immediately put into practice in my role as a Client Services Manager I completely appreciated the course. The backing all through the course was astounding and important. The materials were not difficult to peruse and decently organized.

    Dalia, Egypt
  • Yomna

    I couldn’t be happier with the program. Everything was laid out simply and it was always clear both what the end goal was and what it was setting out to helpme learn. It has helpme come to comprehend the business side of my industry considerably more, and made me more agreeable when conversing with my bosses and companions in a workplace.

    Yomna, Turkey

  • Fatima

    The course has helped me to set upand work my own little business. Sponsored with certainty and valor I simply couldn't hold upto finish the system, my e-business was setupinside a week after consummation. I discovered the course significant to standard industry practices and intriguing.

    Fatima, Morocco

Top Business School in Hyderabad, India

ISTTM is the top business school in Hyderabad, India offering professional MBA & PGDM courses approved by AICTE. We have highly qualified faculty and industry experts as our professors and guest lecturers. We train our students to master both technical & management aspects of business. We have 100% placements every year. In our B-school we follow a practical oriented approach in teaching. We have PGDM programs with specialisation in Digital Marketing & E-Commerce, Telecom & IT Management, Business analytics, Infrastructure Management, Marketing, HR & Finance.

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