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One of the oldest recommendations in Indian tradition is that of leading a balanced life. There are a number of campus committees that enable students to balance their life by pursuing something extra-curricular. The choice is immense - from organizing cultural events of a grand scale, to organizing the summer and final placement of the batch. We believe that "Some work and some play, enable managers - achieve a lot!"

The CEE Cell

Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence aims at fostering an entrepreneurial culture at ISTTM. The cell organizes events such as talks, business plan writing workshops, games and many other activities to ignite the innovative spirit and to help budding entrepreneurs. KEY (Kickstart entrepreneurship youngsters), the flagship entrepreneurship summit of ISTTM which is organized by CEE, provides a platform to network with entrepreneurial ecosystem, work with innovative ideas & explore opportunities in the entrepreneurship space

Placement Committee

The placement committee - a 4 member elected student body is entrusted with the summer, final and lateral recruitment processes. Acting as an interface between 120 students and about 50 corporates, they strive to find the best student-corporate fit. In addition to the facilitating the recruitment process right from planning to execution, framing the broad policies of recruitment, the committee also proactively reaches out to potential recruiters all over the world so as to bring them to campus.

Weekly Industrial Interaction Cell (WIIC)

WIIC is the face of ISTTM in the corporate world, is a student run initiative. The 10 people strong team's goal is to conceptualize, develop and execute events which supplement the institute's pedagogy. WIIC organizes guest lectures by various industry stalwarts.

The Marketing Club

The Marclub of ISTTM is a link to the world of marketing and enables budding marketing whiz kids to hone their marketing acumen. Through marketing games & workshops and interaction with industry biggies, Marclub tries to provide a strong base to the students interested in taking Marketing as their specialization.

The Finance Club

Finclub of ISTTM is a student driven initiative that collaborates with both the corporate and academia from the financial sector to provide a platform for students to improve their quantitative and analytical thinking abilities. The club organizes activities to assist members in evaluating careers in finance and identifying current career opportunities, extend the practical finance education with job-specific knowledge and connect members with alumni and other finance professionals. Some of the more popular activities include industry talks, workshops, information sessions about careers/companies and virtual stock trading competitions.

The Technology/ Systems Club

TechClub is the club that provides and enables all the activities that requires the technology backbone and forms the black box between the students and the computing facilities at the Institute. Some of its important activities are identifying the technology tools required for enhancing Marketing, Finance, HR and Operations management specializations.

The Consulting Club

Conclub - the consulting club at ISTTM, since its inception has been providing high quality consulting services to business enterprises, entrepreneurs and voluntary organizationsConclub's mission is to enable students to apply the knowledge and expertise gained in the classroom context to real-life decision-making situations. The conclub has successfully completed a multitude of projects and has worked extensively with both established companies and startups across different verticals and geographies. Conclub also helps companies enhance their visibility and brand-image on campus through a host of initiatives such as newsletters, talks and case-study workshops and competitions.

Academic Council

pioneering academic learning is at the core of ISTTM's values. The Academic Council (an elected body) acts as the students' representative in all academic matters. By being the interface between students and faculty, the council aids in their seamless academic interaction, enables a continuous dialogue and ensures that the highest learning standards of the institute are always maintained. The council is responsible for managing elective registrations and facilitates learning beyond the classroom via initiatives such as case building and workshops on diverse topics.

Cultural Committee

The mission of the Cultural Committee is to ensure that the hard working ISTTM students enjoy every moment of the modest leisure time they get. It organizes all cultural programs from movie screenings to birthday parties, to the flagship annual cultural festival. In short, the cultural committee ensures that ISTTM has its share of fun!

Social Service Organization

Students at ISTTM recognize their social responsibility and are eager to contribute towards the betterment of their society. "Life is beautiful" is a voluntary student body to further this cause. SSO undertakes a host of social initiatives, which include organizing outings for go green plantation, spastic children, arranging blood donation camps and working with different NGOs for social causes.

Student Media Cell

The Student Media Cell is the first point-of-contact at ISTTM for the media, helping to build Brand ISTTM through effective media interactions. The cell co-coordinators act as the communication channel between the students and the media outside, catering to their frequent queries and requests. The cell handles all Media Publicity for events held at ISTTM and also publishes an internal newsletter.

Sports Council

Sports Council is responsible to ensure holistic development of every student in campus by keeping the sportsperson in each one of them alive through sporting activities held round the year. At a place where the rigor of academics is so daunting, a sport is the ideal means of relaxing and rejuvenating after a long day of incessant work and stress. While sports are played with great competitiveness and zeal to win, it is a place where camaraderie for life flourishes. Almost every sport played in the country is played in ISTTM. This ensures that no sporting talent goes unnoticed. The sports council has played a great role in conditioning the sports fraternity, maintaining sports infrastructure and proved instrumental in ISTTM's continued victory in the inter college Events.

News & Events:
  • Congratulations! - Following students are selected in My Home Group
    1) Cheedara Gopikrishna | 2) Gagan Yadav | 3) Gundavarapu Sairam | 4) Haseeb Ali Khan | 5) Kavala Indra Sainadh | 6) Medikonda Sai Ram | 7) Rajaputra Akhila | 8) Sanam Uday Kumar | 9) Seethavar Saatwika | 10) Yedunuthula Sathvi Raja Srinidhi. We wish them all the best and success ahead... From, Placement Team
  • Congratulations! - Following students are selected for Relgo Networks Pvt Ltd.
    1) Shiva Kumar M | 2) Reshma P | 3) Mounika A | 4) Omkar E | 5) Chinnapu Reddy | 6) Azharuddin Mohammad | 7) Jaswanth Karthik Reddy | 8) Vivek vaishnav. We wish them all the best and success ahead... From, Placement Team
  • Congratulations - Bhanu Prakash got selected in Airtel. We wish him all the best and success.........
  • Campus Drive - On 29th November 2018 By Relgo Networks Pvt Ltd @ ISTTM Business School
  • Congratulations - Varun got selected in S2 Technologies. We wish him all the best and success.........
  • Congratulations - Sreevidya and Ch. Navya got selected in XYZ Innovation. We wish them all the best and success.........
  • Guest Lecture - A guest lecture was organised on 24th November 2018. The topic was Industry insights & career By Ms. Megha / Mr. Alva.
  • Campus Drive - On 17th November 2018 By XYZ innovation @ ISTTM Business School
  • Congratulations - Rashmitha Reddy and Sravan got selected for Sales role in Way2online. We wish them all the best and success.........
  • Congratulations - Sneha got selected in Capital IQ. We wish her all the best and success.........
  • Campus Drive - S&P Capital IQ on 01-October-2018
  • Congratulations - Prasanna, Anu Tejaswi and Snehasish Nayak got selected in Anantha Cybertech. We wish them all the best and success.........
  • Congratulations - Pavan got selected in Edelweiss. We wish him all the best and success.........
  • It gives us a great pleasure to announce that ISTTM Business School has received 5 Star rating for continuous 5 years from Just Dial. A great occasion to celebrate. This reflects our passion and commitment towards our students and your Trust in us.
  • Congratulations - S Poojitha got selected in Bridgestone. We wish her all the best and success.........
  • Congratulations - Soumya Ranjan, Nikhita and Indu got selected in IMarks Digital Solutions for Internship. We wish them all the best and success...
  • Congratulations - Jaswanth and Deepika got selected in Purple Talk. We wish them all the best and success.........
  • Congratulations - V Karthik got selected in Capital IQ. We wish him all the best and success.........
  • Congratulations - Sridhar Subudhi got selected in Yash Techologies. We wish him all the best and success.........
  • Congratulations - V Tharun Reddy got selected in Milekal Engineering Pvt Ltd. We wish him all the best and success.........
  • Congratulations - Ashish, Adersh got selected in Market Data Forecast. We wish them all the best and success.........
  • Congratulations - Poojitha, Manoja & Vinitha got selected in intelligence. We wish them all the best and success.........
  • Congratulations - ISTTM students Navya and Srividya won the first prize for HR quiz. Bhavani and Ramya for 1st runners-up for Marketing quiz @Gayathri college fest( ASTHRA 2018)
  • Congratulations - K Pravalika got selected in CADFM. We wish her all the best and success.........
  • Congratulations - P.Murali Manohar siddhi got selected in ValueMomentum. We wish him all the best and success.........

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