"KEY for excellence" is an entrepreneurship development and incubation cell of ISTTM business school.

At KEY center, students are thoroughly trained and guided on various areas of entrepreneurship by the senior alumni of IIM Calcutta and the successful entrepreneurs from various industries.

Students who are interested to pursue entrepreneurship are given mebership in KEY incubation Cell and they are mentored by experts to setup their own company. Steps followed in building a KEY incubated company

  • Ideation - Generation of ideas
  • Feasibility analysis - Testing the practicality of the idea
  • Conceiving the idea - Articulating the idea, Naming, designing, Building website content and Print materials
  • Promoting the idea - promoting online through social media and other digital marketing channels and offline direct marketing.
  • Legitimating the idea - Documentary requirements for setting up of various types of firms (Proprietary, partnership, private limited, public limited, Society, Trust, Section 25)
  • Supporting the idea - KEY center provides the students with Infrastructure support, administration support, Accounting Support and marketing and mentoring support for 6 months or till the first business deal gets closed which ever is the earlier.
  • Growing the idea - Planning the man power, building various functional and technical department in the Organization like ( HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Delivery, etc)
  • Funding the idea beyond - Key center guides the students on Project plan preparation and generate funds through Banks loans, VCs funding, seed funding organisations and other methods.
  • Advisory Support - Once the idea turns into business and the students are confident about taking it forward with out any support from KEY Center, the Company originated from KEY incubation center would operate independently and will have life long advisory support from the senior executives of ISTTM Business School.

A. Sengupta
IIM Calcutta (PGDM)
(40 years, ICT Industry Exp)

K. Parthasarathy
IIM Calcutta (PGDM)
(40 years, ICT Industry Exp)

VL Sudumbrekar, Advisor
IIM Calcutta (PGDM)
(40 Years of Marketing Exp)

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