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The Students of ISTTM manage every department of the school, the student general body comprises of elected and nominated representatives who intern are responsible for academics, branding and corporate connects of the institution.

The Student general body representatives of academic batch (2017-19)

P. Ratna Sai
P. Ratna Sai

"I head the student general body & monitor all the student representative duties. I take care of discipline, culture and dignity of the institution."

V. Akhil Reddy
General Secretary
V. Akhil Reddy

"I take care of hostel & campus affairs; I am responsible to make sure the institution is on par with the premier business schools like IIMs in all aspects of delivery."

Placement Representatives
MD. Azharuddin
G. Sai Nanditha
CH. Navya
Reddy Bhavani

"We take care of industry relations, corporate guest lectures, executive visits to the campus, internship and placements of the students"

Post Graduate Program Representative
M. Shiva Kumar
N. Swaroopa

"We take care of students academic, faculty and management relations."

Sports Representative
G. Sai Sunil
V. L Joshmitha

"We take care of health & fitness of the students, faculty & management and organize intra & inter college Sports & out bound events."

IT Representative
B. Srinivas Charan Mudiraj

"I take care of all networking, Wi-Fi, information technology & infrastructure related needs of the students, both in the campus and the hostel."

V. S Manikanta

"I take care of budgeting, expenditure & all other financial matters of student general body for any cultural, social and academic activities."

Alumni Secretaries
V. Raghavendra Yadav
T. Neha

"We take care of maintaining a healthy connect with the alumni students."

Cultural Secretaries
N. Shree Vidya
V. Mounika

"We take care of cultural, club, extra curricular & inhouse activities of all the students of the institution."

Election Commission
B. Ramya
P. Varun Kumar
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